What others have to say about Simphiwe

Simphiwe is a board member at Imbali Visual Literacy project at NGO whose vision is to change people’s lives through arts education and training. This is what the Imbali board has to say about her:

“Simphiwe was approached to join the Imbali board after Imbali met her through participating in an executive education programme run by Henley business school. Simphiwe stood out from her group as being exceptionally passionate, well organised and a natural leader. Her deep commitment to helping others, her interest in people and her input during the Henley process was highly valued by Imbali and as a result she was approached to become a board member.

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“Your management style was great! And I thank you for that. As a young manager, one might have thought that your style would not be favourable to the more “mature / older / aged” members of staff, imagining that a young manager would have a different management style and outlook. This was not the case with yourself! Each and every member of staff was treated with respect and at the same time friendship! [Read more…]


“Simphiwe is a dynamic, inspiring leader, she has motivated our team and always encouraged an open door policy. Aside from her being well-educated, she always made the effort to learn all aspects even if it was not in her field of study and share her knowledge with her team. When we excelled in our designated tasks, she acknowledged our efforts which made us strive to constantly achieve more. [Read more…]


I approached Simphiwe to be my mentor for the following reasons:
• She possesses emotional intelligence
• She leads a team well and was awarded “established leader of the year”
• She exudes excellence in leadership even in times of crisis
• She is able to build a team to meet the business vision and goals
• She is a woman leader who has gained the respect of “older” colleagues
• I relate to her
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“Simphiwe is a disciplined individual who has good leadership qualities. She is passionate about the development of people and constantly challenges people to think outside the box and believes that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it. [Read more…]